There are 2 rooms available: a seminar room and dining/common room with a small gallery.

The standard equipment includes a flipchart (+ markers and paper), projector, TV+DVD and loudspeakers. In both the rooms there is a bare white wall for projection.

Depending on the arrangement of tables and chairs, the seminar room has a capacity of 15-25 people and is available all day.

Dinning/common room with gallery: with a basic arrangement of tables (10 tables with 4 chairs each), it has a capacity of 40 people (it is possible to add some chairs and tables from the seminar room if necessary) and is always available after breakfast, which means from approximately 10:15-10:30 until evening.

Prices are the same for both rooms:

1500 CZK + VAT for the whole day

1000 CZK + VAT for the whole day, with a discount for groups that are also receiving accommodation

200 CZK + VAT for each hour

We can prepare some refreshments during your seminar according to your wishes and requests.

We are able to provide coffee and tea in a thermos (small or large) or instant coffee, tea-bags and a kettle, depending on your budget, payment possibilities and preferences.

We can supply juice as well as sparkling and still bottled water, or a carafe with tap water.

We can offer small sandwiches, desserts, salty and sweet pastries, cookies, and fruit and vegetable plates, as well as cold cheeses and salami plates, spreads and pasta salads.

Prices for refreshments depend on the individual requests of clients, and on the scope and intensity of preparation. We will prepare a price quotation according to your requests and options.

In the neighborhood of the hotel there are plenty of quality restaurants, where we can reserve space for your lunch or arrange food delivery.