Hotel Prokopka** offers rooms for your seminar, education training, company presentation or


Looking for a place for your trainings, seminars, company presentation or banquet? Prokopka Hotel offers its conference rooms exaclty for these purposes. In addition to our seminar room, we have also a lounge with a gallery which can also serve as a dining room.

Spaces for corporate events include two flipcharts, magnetic board, projector, television, DVD player and audio speakers. Both the seminar room and lounge have a white wall for possible screening.

Seminar room can seat 15 to 25 people as per the required arrangement of tables and chairs and can be rented for the whole day.

A lounge with a gallery (or dining room) has in a standard arrangement of tables and chairs (each table with four chairs) capacity of 40 people. In the case of demand for higher capacity the tables and chairs from seminar room can be moved here. Renting of lounge is possible from 10:30 am to the evening.

Prices and options:

Both the seminar room and lounge have the same rental price per day, which is 1500 CZK + VAT.

If our current hotel customers rent one of the conference rooms, then rental price per day is discounted to CZK 1,000 + VAT.

Reservations for individual hours are possible at the rate of 250 CZK + VAT per hour.

Depending on your imagination and available budget, we are able to offer any form of food or refreshments and calculate the cost in advance.