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Prokopka Hotel also offers massages in its additional services to all guests.

Mgr. Pavlína Svatošová

 tel. 604 213 070,

Relaxing body oil massage
(partial/full body massage)

40 minutes/90 minutes
450,- Kč/950,- Kč
We use quality vegetable cold pressed oils (pumpkin oil, poppy seed oil, flaxen oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, grape oil, rose hip seed oil, apricot oil, almond oil)


(consultation + tape application)

40 minutes/60 minutes
150,- Kč/300,- Kč

+ cost of the tape used 2 Kč/1 cm
application of tapes after a massage = the price of the used material only 


Dates and times can be booked on request at the reception, phone: 737 242 426,